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Soba Sinnathamby

Nava and I are really thrilled to be part of Berkshire and Surrey Borders Circuit and it is a blessing to minister to you at Bracknell. We are truly thankful for your welcome and all practical efforts that you made to receive us. We want you to know they meant so much to us and helped us settling at the manse in Woosehill.

Although the present time is very challenging and limiting, I am very much looking forward to working among you in whatever way possible. It is a great relief now the church is open for worship, at least once a month to start with. This gives me the opportunity to meet some of you regularly and to get to know you.

I am hopeful the difficult time will pass soon and that we all will have greater freedom in worshipping and playing our part in God’s mission. When we emerge from the current situation, we will have learnt a lot more and begin to see ourselves in a new light.

God is very faithful. He supports and sustains us in all our ups and downs.

With every blessing,
Soba Sinnathamby


Pauline Matondo

It is a blessing to answer God's calling to serve the mission of Jesus Christ through serving our local congregation in the Methodist Church as a lay pastor. I'm honoured to be part of the Berkshire Surrey Borders Circuit (Bracknell Section).

I've been blessed with two lovely daughters, one a pharmacist in the NHS and the other is still at university. We have lived in Bracknell for over 17 years. I have previously worked in teaching and nursing which I enjoyed and l value the skills I have learnt in teaching and nursing as I continue to use them as required. I am also training to be a local preacher. I have a passion to work with people of all ages. I look forward to working with the minister to serve the congregation and community over the coming weeks, months and years.

One of my delights is working with the congregation and see them grow, share their gifts and flourish both in church and our local communities.

I am so thankful for this opportunity to use my God given gifts and talents to minister to our local church and community. Throughout my life I have always had a part to play in the Methodist church. I look forward to working with the Bracknell Methodist Church, Church @ The Pines and other colleagues to fulfil that which God has planned for us as individuals, as a church and as a community. To God be the glory.